Introduction and Chapter 1 of 'Peak Performance!! Merging Spirituality and Success Principles.'

This free extract introduces the Ultimate Manifesting Map developed throughout Part 1 of this three Part book. Design and create an outstanding life based on your fully authentic self. (CLICK below).

Pictorial: The (RAFTS) Ultimate Manifestation Map

Brief explanation of the RAFTS Manifestation Pictorial

Reading vertically down in the Pictorial above, note that the first letter of the words to the left spell out the acronym 'RAFTS.'  Put simply, according to our 'State,' we have Thoughts and Feelings that propel us towards Action and Results in a causal chain.

It is important to note that 'State' refers to a switch condition where we can be living from (1) ego or (2) what we refer to as 'forever-Being.' In simple terms forever-Being means that we are operating from a deep heart level and awareness that leads to wise choices, happiness and fulfillment. This is in contrast to living from ego that can often mean spending a lot of time and effort on things that ultimately do not really fulfill us. This includes erroneous thought activity.

In living from forever-Being we are livng authentically according to good values and from an abundant attitude of gratitude where we are focused on the good in our lives.

The RAFTS Map is systematically broken down into sub-Maps that guide us in manifesting our desires. The sub-Maps are:

AAAA - Awareness Authenticity Acceptance Appreciation

BBB - Beliefs Behaviors Benefits

CC - Clarity Commitment

D - Destiny

Maintaining a conducive State is key to an outstanding life, and the focus of much of this three part book.