Sep. 8, 2017

In practical terms, as we go through life, we find ourselves dealing with people and situations.

In dealing with situations and events that are not to our liking, we can adopt a “LUCKY” attitude. This is an acronym to remind us to firstly, (and primarily), to have gratitude for how lucky we are, and then to come into situations from a perspective of Love, Understanding, Compassion, Kindness and JoY. Gratitude for what we have, have had or will have, is really important when confronting difficult situations where we sense loss. And, whatever is happening right now, why not remind yourself that great things are about to happen.

 When people issues come up, we may need to practice, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Calmness, Empathy and Support to wellbeing and happiness, which can be remembered by the acronym FACES. This doesn’t mean that you have to agree with people all the time if you see things differently but you can at least try to understand the other’s perspective. Instead of automatically resisting and rejecting another’s idea for example, try to find a way to accommodate it. You might come across a more acceptable idea that builds on the intentions of the one presented to you. Or you might say something like “you may be right” unless you’re absolutely sure of your facts.

The acronyms LUCKY and FACES can be applied to yourself too. As within, so without. You show up according to how you feel about yourself.

In dealing with both people and situations we can operate from a positive stance embodied in the acronym SCHOOLSmiling, Confident, Happy, double Optimistic Lover of Life.

So there you have it: LUCKY FACES SCHOOL.

Sep. 8, 2017

How wonderful to experience a life of true freedom - freedom from anxieties borne out of fear, guilt or worry; freedom to live life on our own terms giving free reign to our talents and aspirations; loving what we do; freedom to choose a lifestyle that provides us with a full life of wellbeing while contributing to the happiness and quality of life for others.

When we feel totally free, we are happy, content, joyous, engaged, one with what we are doing, present, and thriving with no anxieties. We feel good, are in the flow, connected to our divinity, and not resisting or arguing with anything in our current reality. We love everyone and everything and potentially petty woes and concerns, our resistances to love, die to nought.

The starting point for the various freedoms outlined above is psychological freedom, an element of mind-set. The biggest obstacles to feeling free that we will ever face are of the mind and body which is to say our thoughts and emotions, and our moods. With the right mind-set, (conscious, creative) and mood, (poise, bold-calm), one can learn to be happy no matter what and to change things where necessary, for example, if faced with an untoward social, work, home or general living environment. Happiness only requires a few basic conditions and the decision to be free, happy and blissful. So to experience freedom, we must work on getting the right mind-set and mood while engaging with life in a way that is purposeful and meaningful.

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