Book 1: Peak Performance: Merging Spirituality and Success Principles


At last! A cutting edge color illustrated book that is unique in merging both Eastern style spirituality and conventional Western routes to success. Download here:

The reader is guided by the first of a kind use of colorMaps – pictorials and acronyms that have logical, scientific and memorable associations.  In absorbing and applying the tips, tools and techniques in this book you will:

  • See your world in a new and refreshing perspective
  • Operate at a higher emotional quality or vibration
  • Increase your personal effectiveness and performance
  • Gain Spiritual Warrior skills to live more or less fearlessly
  • Gravitate towards strengths, preferences & unique talents
  • Achieve your Mission aided by Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Feel purposeful and enjoy a warm appreciation for life
  • Gain a resilient, imperturbable, peaceful mind
  • Create an outstanding life of fulfillment
  • Be an inspiration to others
  • Live life on your own terms

This unique book builds on, integrates and often goes beyond teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Deepak Chopra and many contemporary writers on success. In particular, we articulate what it means to live as the 'new you' with a reconditioned mind.

Are you the body or the animating presence? Draw on your present moment awareness, maximize self-mastery and live an enlightened, problem-free, inspired, creative and outstanding life.

Whether you’re a baby-boomer focused on fulfillment, a hard working mid-careerist wondering if there’s more to life, a huge success story a shade out of touch with your soul, or even a monk without a motivating mission - in your quest for peak performance, freedom, love and adventure await you!

Book 1: Peak Performance!! Merging Spirituality and Success Principles available here:

How is this book different?

RAFTS Map: Results, Actions, Feelings, Thoughts, STATE of Consciousness

There are many books on Conventional Success, and many books on Spirituality, yet rarely are the two aspects integrated in a holistic way.

Quality of Life is paramount both individually and collectively,  and has been the thrust of civilization from stone age to iron age, from the industrial revolution to the digital age.

Yet, there's a very real danger of people devoting their whole life to spirituality at the expense of conventional success, and unnecessarily living a poor and depleted life.   Indeed, there are occasionally stories of people who have endured arduous meditation for years and years with nothing to show for it - still not sensing that enlightened peace of mind, and living on handouts as they slip back into their old, habitually conditioned, selves. On the other hand, there are people totally dedicated to success alone, who have amassed fortunes, yet, again live depleted and unfulfilled lives.

This contrast suggests that, in practice, many people would benefit from incorporating both spirituality and success principles into their lives. Indeed, an underlying premise of this book is that spirituality and success are not mutually exclusive, and it's time to bring these aspects together.

As far as I'm aware there, there are no other books rooted in spirituality that also cover conventional worldly success, even when the word 'success' appears in the title.  There are many excellent books on spirituality alone such as Eckhart Tolle's 'Power of Now,' a personal favorite, and generally highly rated by others. Deepak Copra's '7 Spiritual Laws of Success' is another. There are also widely available materials on spirituality that I have drawn on, that include, (in no particular order), Osho, Mooji, Adyashanti, Shunyamurti, and Jiddu Krishnamurti; as well as many others. None of these materials deal with conventional success techniques to any significant degree, (and, generally, were not intended to).

This book, then, is intended to help towards bridging the gap and integrating both aspects: spirituality and conventional success.

Use of Pictorials (Maps) and Tables

It's comparatively rare for books on spirituality or success to use pictorials to illustrate points, and when they do, the illustrations are often confined to a few or less. The 27 Pictorials (Maps) and numerous Tables in this subject 'Peak Performance' book, help to organise, recall and apply content more systematically.

The illustrations are also indicative of a creative approach to showing information that may appeal to 'right-brain' and visually-oriented people.

Creating from the perspective of Authentic Self

Few books emphasize the need to create from an authentic place. Plunging into 'success' blindly can be disastrous. This is a major issue with some success books, that can lead people to merely 'follow the Joneses' and live a 'hamster wheel life.'

Certain Tables and Maps help to illustrate clearly how to live from authenticity rather than from ego. There are a number of very popular contemporary books that make reference to a 'new mind' and 'new you.' This book goes a stage further in elaborating on what it means to live from a higher 'awakened' perspective, and makes various suggestions on how to put this new perspective into practice. This includes, but is not limited to, advice on how to become a calm and bold Spiritual Warrior living the values of Freedom, Love, Adventure, Gratitude and Service.

Use of thought experiments

The Introduction invites the reader to step back in time, which helps in understanding the notion of Oneness that is central to spirituality. Closely related thereto are the Buddhist concepts of no-self, interbeing, emptiness and impermanence.

Book reviews on and

Be-Do-Have Map
Choose Daily Activities from the State of Being

Students of Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer and Joel Goldsmith, (and other spiritual teachers) take note. You’ll want to add this book of Alan Sullivan’s to your must-read list. I bought this as a Kindle, but I plan to buy it as a paperback: it’s the kind of book that you can open to any page to get recharged. Peak Performance is a real revelation. Tracy A Miller

An emotionally intelligent, wholly enlightening, thought-provoking and thoroughly enjoyable book. A book one will want to read again and again. On a personal level, being a student of Buddhism and spirituality in general, and an adept of bioenergy therapeutic techniques, I found Alan’s insights and wisdom resonated at both an intellectual and visceral level.   James Taylor-Loftus, Dip.EH.P.NLP, Founder & Editor of Liberté de Santé™

I highly recommend reading this book as it is expertly written, full of valuable information and will give you everything you need to take your life to the next level of success, happiness and self mastery. Gwion Jacob, Personal Success Coach

"Peak Performance" by Alan Sullivan is a tremendous book which extols the virtues of higher order awareness and authenticity ... The book teaches important lessons about life, love and a transition to the Cosmos. The contents will appeal to theologians, as well as, philosophers and even psychologists. Dr. Joseph S. Maresca

Quote and Exercises from the Introduction

Conceptualization of Human and Being Dimensions

QUOTE: "When operating from ego, your Sense of Self comes from the stuff (or content) in one’s mind. When operating from (forever) Being, your Sense of Self comes from Presence, now – the natural flow of Joy, Love Light and Gratitude, free of mental commentary and sufferings of your ego, lost in stories of past or future."


Here are a few helpful techniques:

1. Byron Katie’s “The Work” for questioning the validity of thoughts and beliefs, and bringing in more joy

2, Eckhart Tolle’s suggestion of anchoring presence in the body – essentially diverting attention energy from our mind to our body, quieting the former

3. Sedona method for letting go of difficult emotions

4. If you are calm, or can get calm, simply stop thinking if you can, but don’t suppress thoughts/ emotions, observe them impartially, without judgment; and thereby de-energize them

5. Routinely check that your body is relaxed and that your mind is calm. Focus on following your breath, in and out, saying to yourself words like calm, clear, beyond

6. Ask yourself questions like:

(a) Am I calm and relaxed now?

(b) Am I feeling good now?

(c) Am I smelling the roses now? (i.e. am I present? And, a reminder to focus on your breath)

(d) What problem do I have right now? [Generally the answer is “none,” albeit you may have made a list and a schedule to deal with some matters of importance from a state of calm presence].

(e) Am I the “Body” or the “Animating Presence?” (If one choice only which will you choose?)

7. Surrender and accept “what-is” without resistance – if nothing fazes you, you are strong not weak

8. You have experienced difficult times and worried needlessly – remember that they never lasted. Remind yourself “This too shall pass.” And ask yourself “what am I afraid of losing?” But, do not ruminate. Get into the “State of Presence.”

9. Whatever has happened, have you noticed that throughout your whole life you’re still here? The ongoing observing awareness.

10. Say to yourself, I don’t mind what happens in life since first, it has happened anyway so you can’t change that, and secondly, you have decided that it will not disturb your peace of mind and you will deal with it, if action or change is warranted, from a calm place.

Living without Ego

The journey to Awareness

The Table below is one of many illustrations in the book that highlight characteristics of living from the perspective of forever-Being.

Ego Characteristics

Being Characteristics

Non Awareness

Buffeted and swayed by involuntary thoughts and emotions of the ego as they pop-up.

Assumes a heavy mantle of self that is entirely separate from everything else.

The heavy drapes of conditioned ego obscure the light of consciousness. Imprisoned …


Living in the here and now as forever-Being and witness of the mind – thoughts and emotions – without attachment.

One with all that is. Connected through billions of ancestors to Source/ God/ life.

“Light of the world” beyond the opaque screen of conditioned ego; sense “the kingdom of heaven within.” Freedom …


Conformist and slave to conditioning and  whims of others; keeping up with the Jones’s; living in lack; ruled by unconscious thoughts and emotions; too vulnerable to be vulnerable to others; not comfortable with oneself; feels incomplete; too self-absorbed to help others


Living life on one’s own terms; meets own needs; living with a sense of abundance; living consciously and forging one’s own life; strong minded; comfortable in own skin. Whole, complete and enough. Warm appreciation for life. Lives to give. Motto: I’m here for you


Stress from continually judging, resisting and reacting to “what-is;” inability to let go of the past; fearful of a projected future. Unduly upset when things don’t go as expected. Unnecessarily pre-occupied with other people’s business.


Befriends the Present Moment with warm acceptance. Calm, yet bold in the face of “what-is.” “Doesn’t mind what happens.”  Intelligent responses to situations as opposed to knee-jerk reactions. Gives compassion and forgiveness for human unconsciousness – “they know not what they do.” Non-judgmental. Surrendered to the Sunshine, not apathy.


Takes everything for granted; blind to blessings; focused on the bad rather than the good; experiences stagnation; inability to grow and move forward; victim and blame oriented; excuse oriented.


Feeling good about blessings; hopeful for the future, yet living and enjoying the moment and journey without undue preoccupation with results; focused on growth appropriate to life phase, life situation, strengths and personal values.

Additional Notes: Affirmations consistent with the above Table

Affirmations consistent with the above Table

BBB Map: Beliefs determine behaviors and benefits (or dis-benefits)


I Am living in the here and now as forever-Being (or Buddha, or Spiritual Warrior, etc.)

I Am the witness of the mind – thoughts and emotions – without attachment

I Am One with all that is, connected through billions of ancestors to Source/ God/ Life

I Am the “Light of the world” beyond the opaque screen of conditioned ego

I Am sensing “the kingdom of heaven within.” Freedom …


I Am living life on my own terms

All my needs are being met

I Am living with a sense of abundance

I Am living consciously and forging my own life

I Am strong minded and comfortable in my own skin

I Am whole, complete and enough

I Am warmly appreciating life

I live to give. Motto: I’m here for you


I befriend the Present Moment with warm acceptance

I Am calm, yet bold in the face of “what-is”

I don’t mind what happens

I respond intelligently to situations

I give compassion and forgiveness for human unconsciousness – self and others

I Am non-judgmental

I Am Surrendered to the Sunshine of Source


I Am feeling good about my blessings

I Am hopeful for the future

I Am living and enjoying the moment and journey without undue preoccupation with results

I Am focused on growth commensurate with my life situation, strengths and personal values


The FLAGS Map: Freedom, Love, Adventures, Gratitude and Service

Behavior is an important starting point for generating beliefs and change. The difference between super-successful people and everyone else often boils down to their rituals or habits. These can include:

  • Developing an effective mind-set
  • Diet, exercise and sleep routines 
  • Paying more attention to our physiology and posture
  • Learning new skills
  • Paying attention to the environments in which we place ourselves

Great rituals lead to great results. Sloppy habits lead to sloppy results. It’s that simple. While simple, oftentimes we are stuck in our current habitual patterns in our day to day living. Moreover, for many of us, it is not easy to change to more effective habits that serve us and others better. Practices for changing habits are covered in Chapter 12. 

The most important habits come under mind-set, especially developing a spiritual mind-set compatible with forever-Being, and ultimately this is what will provide the most fulfillment. Developing awareness, slowing and reconditioning automatic thinking, self-observation, accepting what-is, practicing forgiveness, compassion and gratitude are prime examples of habits conducive to forever-Being. Related thereto, it makes sense to ensure that your values contain elements consistent with forever-Being.

Our VALUES are an important form of beliefs that inform and drive behavior. Below are some affirmations based on the FLAGS Map - see pictorial.


I feel warm appreciation for the awesome miracle of life.  

I stay in touch with the sacredness of life: forgotten when living from the human mind’s perception of lack.

I feel spaciousness, stillness, silence and expansiveness in the Now, in the flow of life; relaxed and surrendered to what-is without resistance.

I get out of my own way, and let go of some expectations

I feel Aware. I face and examine thoughts and emotions by identifying with Joyous true Self, not mind-based anxieties of the ego

I feel Bold, Calm and Detached anchored in the Now without clingy or fearful attachments

I feel relatively unconcerned with comings and goings, and observe how things come and go in nature


I express my whole life from the Joy of eternal forever-Being

I give forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, empathy & support to myself & others

I give without expecting return

I raise consciousness so that people can be less needy and help themselves


I live, love and experience every moment fearlessly, (assuming there’s no tiger in the room)

I live moments in situations of my choosing

I live moments with joy & enthusiasm


I feel good about my blessings every day

I feel good about perfection, beauty & miracles without overly labelling & judging


I contribute through:

Lifelong learning & skill development

Helping to provide products, projects or services that best express my talents & resources, while benefiting others. Funding of causes that aim to eliminate suffering

Clarity and Commitment

The CC Map: Clarity and Commitment underpins success.

While the foregoing BBB Map showed the incredible source of power available to you according to your beliefs, the simple CC Map depicted on the right concerns harnessing the power of Clarity and Commitment to keep you on track.

The worst case scenario with reference to the boxes of the CC Map is to behave like a Zombie. Lack of goal clarity goes hand in hand with lack of commitment, and the result is confusion and ineffectiveness.

The sweet-spot of course is the Highly Effective Individual, who is both clear on goals, and committed to appropriate action. There is Clarity on what one really, really wants as well as the determined Commitment to achieve or manifest it. A fusion of these two aspects means that you have made up your mind, pure and simple. It will happen and nothing is going to prevent it - there is no "Plan B" and all other bridges have been burnt!!

Let us look now at how some well-known personalities from the fields of business, sports and acting who have achieved notable levels of success in the context of goal clarity and commitment.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Have a clear goal and do whatever it takes to get there!

Believe in yourself; work your butt off

Sylvester Stallone: Keep moving forward – that’s how winning is done! Find your process; do one thing right

Bruce Lee: Commit fearlessly!

Will Smith: Commit! Be amazing at what you do; don’t be outworked!

Donald Trump: Never, ever give up; be totally focused; work hard

Steve Jobs: Build vision-inspired teams; have passion and do what you love; design for yourself

Tim Ferris: Have 1 or 2 focused weekly metrics; focus on your strengths; use failure to help you

Warren Buffet: Schedule for your personality, find your passion, give unconditional love

Bill Gates: Work hard; have energy, create the future

Hard Work or Effortless Manifestation?

It’s interesting to see the references to hard work. What happened to the “effortless manifestation” suggested by many Law of Attraction promoters, with resources lining up in alignment with our thoughts as broadcast out to the universe? ...